Anatomy Lessons© was a physical attempt to draw with my body, to take on traditional figure drawing in a different way.
I took an undergraduate art school book on anatomy, selected a drawing and traced it, and then captured the tracing with the title-ing feature of my then state-of-the-art video cam. This feature super-imposed the tracing over the video image, and I attempted to fit into the lines as I simultaneously filmed and watched myself on-screen. I deliberately did not practice, and because the video displayed a sort of reverse mirror (my right was displayed as left on-screen) it was quite awkward to try and fit some of the poses. The video is 14 minutes, and depicts 15 different old master drawings.
The video was recently acquired by the Art Hotel in Denver CO for their contemporary art collection, and runs continuously on a screen installed in the elevator.
below is a clip, sped up 8 times the normal viewing speed: